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  The Butler Companies  :  The Development Team

  The Butler Companies are a consortium of creative real estate companies
specializing in development, construction, finance and property management. Founded by Harry J. Butler, Sr. in 1960, the sole focus of the company was single family subdivision development, including site acquisition, engineering and planning, as well as securing all governmental approvals and the performance of all site development infrastructure (i.e., clearing, grading, utilities, paving, etc.). Upon his father's death in 1970, Harry J. Butler, Jr. assumed control of the companies and moved headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia. During his 30 year tenure, Mr. Butler has developed apartments, office buildings and shopping centers throughout the country, with major emphasis in the southeastern states. Real estate projects developed, owned and managed by Harry J. Butler, Jr. are valued in excess of $500,000,000.

The Butler Group strives to maintain an unsurpassed reputation for quality and integrity
in their product as well as their business. Buildings and developments by the Butler organization are designed to translate in market appeal. The company strategy is to plan and design properties that are unique and endowed with highly marketable characteristics including privacy, security, style and long-term appreciation.

The professionals in the Butler Companies work to satisfy
Mr. Butler's high standards, as well as their own, and those of individual, corporate and institutional investors who frequently participate as partners in joint ventures.