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  The Butler Companies  :  The Development Team

  The Development Team of the Butler organization
provides direction and management for all aspects of a project's development from land acquisition and financing, through concept, market analysis, design, approval, permitting and construction to completion.

With dedication to accuracy, thoroughness and a creative sensitivity
to the needs and desires of the marketplace, its multi-family and commercial developments have earned a reputation for excellence and uncompromising quality. A major reason for its record of successful developments has been due to a firm policy of undertaking only well-conceived projects in superior locations with astute awareness to market considerations. The Butler developments reflect innovative approaches to design and meticulous attention to detail in achieving specific project requirements in balance with the overall environment and natural beauty.

The principal members of the in-house development team average over thirty years of experience
in real estate development. In addition to the disciplines of quality and thoroughness of the in-house staff, extensive use is made of expert professionals and consultants with proven capabilities. These professionals, recognized for the quality of their input in engineering, site planning, architectural design, market analysis and other specialized fields, assure a broader perspective in the project's concept formulation as well as precision and thoroughness in its design and development.

While realizing that limited success can be achieved by simply following established trends,
it is the Butler organization's philosophy that enhanced success is best achieved by leading in early recognition of new trends in the marketplace and creatively introducing them into its projects. In project design and development, this philosophy often demands judgmental as well as factual input. The extensive knowledge and experience of the in-house staff, plus the ability to work with other specialized professionals, provides confidence in the judgment and identification of the ultimate features of Butler's developments within sound economic parameters.